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Devon farmer challenges Tesco over promotional picture


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An organic farmer has persuaded Tesco to take down a photograph of him from its website.

Martin Godfrey said he had never supplied Tesco and was surprised to find the picture being used on the firm’s website.

The supermarket chain acquired the image through an agency.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We work tirelessly to support farmers and suppliers and we are sorry for any upset that has been caused.”

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Martin Godfrey received an apology from Tesco, which was using the image to promote a campaign aimed at tackling food waste

Mr Godfrey, from Okehampton, Devon, said the picture was originally taken when he was working for Shillingford Organics near Exeter, but was later sold on as a stock image.

Tesco later got the image through its advertising agency, which acquired it from Getty Images.

Charity donation

Mr Godfrey owns an organic produce business and campaigns with the Land Workers’ Alliance.

He said the picture of him pulling carrots on the organic farm was a “marketing blunder”.

“This inappropriate use of the organic farming image and myself… was taken whilst working at Shillingford Organics some 10 years ago, which has no connection to Tesco whatsoever,” he said.

The image has been removed from the supermarket’s online promotions, but remains printed in some of its magazines.

Tesco has promised not to use the image in future promotions.

It has offered to donate £1,000 to a local charity, Mr Godfrey said.

He said he appreciated the supermarket was “doing something about food waste” and suggested other chains should do the same.


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