The Replacement: What did people make of the finale?


Warning: This story contains spoilers – do not read unless you’ve watched episode three of The Replacement.

The Replacement

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Morven Christie (left) starred in the drama as Ellen Rooney, who goes on maternity leave and becomes increasingly paranoid about the motives of Paula Reece (played by Vicky McClure), who covers for her

The finale of BBC drama The Replacement was a bit like the Marmite of TV – you either loved it or hated it.

An average of 5.8 million viewers watched the conclusion of the psychological thriller, which revealed who killed Kay and the truth about Paula, played by Vicky McClure.

But critics and viewers alike were split over whether the ending was satisfactory.

Although some thought it was a masterpiece, others felt it left more questions than answers.

Metro was in the first camp, calling it a “stellar triumph, keeping us gripped from start to finish”, adding it was “a satisfying conclusion – even if the concluding scenes were a little too rushed”.

The Daily Mail agreed in its four-star review, although it admitted: “The story wasn’t so much odd as stark raving bonkers. Whole pages of the script deserved their own straitjackets.”

The Telegraph‘s Ed Power wasn’t happy at all: “The Replacement settled for being just another overheated pot-boiler rather than something deeper and more unnerving.”

And iNews complained the conclusion “faltered at the last hurdle”, saying: “It’s just a shame that the eventual pay-off proved so underwhelmingly conventional.”

On Twitter, fans were also split:

  • #The Replacement ending was like an English exam when you’re running out of time and have to bullet point the conclusion. – Natalie Moore
  • #TheReplacement started as a brilliant portrayal of the insecurity of maternity leave and ended with me throwing my slipper at the telly. – Maria McGeoghan
  • In the cold light of day, there’s even more questions about #TheReplacement in my mind – what a shame! Far too rushed, I feel cheated 🙁 – Rachel Thomas
  • Well #TheReplacement went a bit mental there. A-Team style breakouts, worst husband/ psychiatrist combo, it just fizzled out. Unsatisfying. – The Pictons

  • Thoroughly enjoyed #TheReplacement scared one minute ? crying the next ? Brilliant, heartfelt acting. Huge congrats to all! ? – Jo
  • @Vicky_McClure is pure talent. Loved #TheReplacement I hope many more awards come your way! – Corinne Carter
  • Can’t stop rehashing #TheReplacement on @BBCOne last night. What a brilliant series. Ashleigh
  • Unlike others, I thought #TheReplacement ending was ok. And I’d have chosen @DougrayScott anyday! ❤️ Joanne B

Many have called for a second series to get some answers – but we’re sorry to report writer and director Joe Ahearne has said it’s a self-contained drama and won’t return.

Why did Ellen take those pills? How did she know how to hot-wire a car? Did she end up with David? We may never know – although this may help.

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