A US student dies days after a video chat with Beyonce from her hospital bed


A high school student in America who had terminal cancer has died days after talking with Beyonce in a video chat from her hospital bed.

A spokeswoman from Alief independent school district in Houston says Ebony Banks died late on Saturday night.

The teenager’s classmates started an online campaign before her death to give her a chance to meet her favourite singer.

Ebony received a video call on Wednesday from the star.

Her school gave her a diploma during a graduation ceremony in the hospital last week.

Ebony Banks at her early graduation

Image caption Ebony (centre) had an early graduation while in hospital

Students gathered at a candlelight vigil on Sunday to remember Ebony, whose nickname was Ebob.

Video posted on social media shows students raising candles to Beyonce’s Halo.

Her friends used the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE in the hope of attracting Beyonce’s attention last week.

A few days after the hashtag trended the singer surprised Ebony with a call.

A recording of the conversation appeared on Beyonce fan pages.

Ebony was seen lying in a hospital bed saying “I love you Beyonce” to which she replies, “I love you”.

The school tweeted: “Thank you to everyone who helped #ebobmeetsbeyonce @Beyonce.”

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