Allied Healthcare to transfer care contracts

Image copyright Science Photo Library A major UK home care provider, offering support to 13,000 older and disabled people, is seeking to transfer or sell all its contracts to other providers. Allied Healthcare was warned this month by the care regulator about its financial sustainability. Since then, some local authorities have already taken steps to […]

Insomnia: ‘No link’ between sleepless nights and early death

YouTube stunts lead to rise in Swansea hospital burns victims

Flu vaccine delays for over-65s ‘resolved by weekend’


Award for wartime flight trainer returned to service

Image copyright TechworksImage caption The GAT-1 gave trainee pilots a sense of how to control and fly a plane A project to restore early flight simulators has won an award for the best computer conservation project. Engineers from the TechWorks museum in the US won the Tony Sale award for their work to return three […]

‘How Amazon helped me transition to a woman’

Prince William criticises social media firms

Google’s Alphabet gives up on rescue robots


Kilogram gets a new definition

Image copyright SPLImage caption There are now discrepancies between copies of the kilogram and the master version held in a French vault Scientists have changed the way the kilogram is defined. Currently, it is defined by the weight of a platinum-based ingot called “Le Grand K” which is locked away in a safe in Paris. […]


Climate change: Report says ‘cut lamb and beef’

The number of sheep and cattle in the UK should be reduced by between a fifth and a half to help combat climate change, a report says. The shift is needed, the government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) maintains, because beef and lamb produce most farm greenhouse gases. The report foresees an increase in […]


Climate change: Worries over CO2 emissions from intensifying wildfires

Image copyright Getty Images Rising numbers of extreme wildfires could result in a significant increase in CO₂ emissions, scientists warn. That could mean attaining the Paris climate agreement’s goal of keeping global temperature rise well below 2C could become harder, they say. Present emission-cut pledges by countries are projected to increase the average global temperature […]