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Nipsey Hussle: Lawyer quits over violent threats to family

Image copyright Getty Images The lawyer representing a man accused of shooting rapper Nipsey Hussle has announced he’s quitting the case. Chris Darden said it was because “threats” had been made to members of his family including his children. In April Nipsey Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was shot multiple times outside a […]


Hospital ‘abused’ vulnerable adults in Durham

Image caption An undercover BBC reporter spent two months doing shifts undercover at Whorlton Hall The abuse and mistreatment of vulnerable adults at a specialist hospital has been uncovered by the BBC’s Panorama programme. Undercover BBC filming shows staff intimidating, mocking and restraining patients with learning disabilities and autism at Whorlton Hall, County Durham. Experts […]

Aspirin ‘safe’ for brain-bleed strokes

I lost my arms and legs – stop it happening to others

‘Broken’ care system for most vulnerable


The Google city that has angered Toronto

Image copyright Sidewalk LabsImage caption Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs had big plans for its internet-based smart city It was meant to be a vision of how we will all live in future – a smart city built from the internet up – offering citizens the chance to experience the very latest technology. That would include autonomous […]

Amazon stops selling ‘toxic’ goods for children in US

Instagram blocks vaccine hoax hashtags

Facebook ‘auto-generated’ extremist video


Medieval manuscript code ‘unlocked’ by Bristol academic

Image copyright PAImage caption The Voynich manuscript is written in the Proto-Romance language An academic claims to have deciphered a medieval manuscript which countless scholars including Alan Turing had been unable to decode. The Voynich manuscript is a handwritten and illustrated text carbon-dated to the mid-15th Century. The document is housed in the Beinecke Library […]


Snakebites: Like having my hand smashed by a hammer’

Image copyright World Health Organization David Williams has been bitten by a snake six times. “The first time was pretty terrifying because I didn’t know what to expect. It felt like having my hand smashed with a hammer,” he says. “My last snakebite would have been a fatal one, but for the fact we were […]


Chang’e-4: Chinese rover ‘confirms’ Moon crater theory

Image copyright CLEPImage caption The Chang’e-4 rover has been exploring Von Kármán crater since January this year The Chinese Chang’e-4 rover may have confirmed a longstanding idea about the origin of a vast crater on the Moon’s far side. The rover’s landing site lies within a vast impact depression created by an asteroid strike billions […]